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Ira – Watch Winder

  • 25 at initial function ON, setting value, 10 seconds 4.5 times rotation
  • Motion Sensor ON/OF
  • Time function at product ON - Available to control from 5 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Merbau laminated wood/ High glossy aluminum

Opal – Mini Fridge

  • See-through the inside with hand gestures!
  • Reduce unnecessary cold air outflow!
  • You can put it anywhere without worrying about noise and vibration!
  • Generous capacity!

Saturn – Showcase

  • Hide it, protect it, showcase it!
  • From a typical treasure box into a personal gallery with surprise.
  • Stella, more than a display case, a sanctuary for your artifacts
  • Craft your narrative with Stella - where the extraordinary meets the secure.