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Which Color Temperature Suits You?

From floor plan down to decor, every decision in designing your home is important. One of the most important choices is the lighting.

While some see lighting as arbitrary, correct lighting can make or break the mood of your space. Each room’s illumination creates a mood and each of these moods should suit the room’s task.

Let’s go through each color temperature Euri Lighting offers and how this color is best suited for a specific application. But first, what is color temperature?

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins (K) on a scale of 1,000 to 10,000. The higher the Kelvin rating, the brighter the bulb. Euri Lighting has produced hundreds of diverse LED light bulbs in 2200K-5000K for years, but now we’re getting even brighter.

Introducing: Daylight (6500K)

Our new line of cost-effective, energy-efficient A19s offers five varying color temperatures: Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), Cool White (5000K), and Daylight (6500K). With the classic light bulb shape and a collection of color options, these A19s really are suitable for just about every application.

Let’s get familiar with all Euri Lighting A19 color temperatures:

Warm White (2700K)

Perfect for the living room and bedroom, this color temperature gives off a golden, yellowish illumination. A 2700K LED bulb will create a mellow, relaxing environment for the warm and soothing glow it emits. Pair this bulb with the bedside table lamps or living room floor lamps.


Soft White (3000K)

The most common color temperature, Soft White is neutral, comfortable, and welcoming. Slightly whiter than 2700K, a 3000K light bulb is ideal for the dining room and kitchen for its luminous and cozy glow. Use this bulb for side table lamps and hanging pendants above the kitchen counter.


Bright White (4000K)

Energetic and vibrant, Bright White is optimal for working spaces. Just in between Soft White’s golden hue and Cool White’s bluish tone, Bright White maintains a pure white color. Use this bulb in desk lamps to brighten your work space and keep you going.


Cool White (5000K)

Perfect for the workshop or basement, Cool White is bright, brisk, and fresh. So bright it emits a slightly blue hue, 5000K is meant to illuminate all details and create an upbeat environment. Install Cool White LED light bulbs in every room you need to get work done and stay up late.


Daylight (6500K)

Crisp and vivid, LED bulbs in Daylight provide a gleaming illumination perfect for the garage, game room, and home gym. With a blue-white hue, this color temperature emulates natural daylight, helping you feel that day-time energy even while working late. When the occasion calls for brighter light: reading a book, fixing your car engine, or putting on makeup, Daylight brightness ensures you don’t miss a detail.


Whether you decide to give your home a warm, mellow mood with Warm White (2700K) and Soft White (3000K), or a high-energy, lively mood with Cool White (5000K) and Bright White (6500K), Euri Lighting’s new A19s will last years, save energy, and make your home eco-friendly.

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