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The Jedi of T5s

In celebration of National Star Wars Day, Euri is lighting up brand new T5s.

Fan-created and now nationally known, this holiday recognizing George Lucas’ franchise

all began when the movies’ famous phrase: “May the Force be with you” adopted the play on words: “May the Fourth be with you.” Now every year on May 4th, Star Wars fans from all over celebrate by dressing up, watching the movies or attending events!

When thinking of Star Wars, a few things always stand out: Yoda, Millennium Falcon, and lightsabers – of course. And for those of us working in the lighting biz, it’s hard to not see a lightsaber when looking at a T5 or T8. Surprisingly, the brand new Euri Lighting T5s have a lot more in common with lightsabers and protosabers than just their look!

Here’s a quick breakdown for those of you who have somehow missed out on experiencing one of the ten Star Wars movies:

A lightsaber is plasma blade used as a weapon by the Jedi that can cut through virtually anything. It is powered by the force and can be shut on or off at the Jedi’s will. Now a protosaber is a little different. These weapons are the first design of the lightsaber and require an external power source, which is a battery pack attached to a power cord that the Jedi carry on their back or waist.

Now in the LED lighting galaxy, there are two types of T5s as well: Plug-n-Play and Bypass Ballast. The Plug-n-Play T5 directly wires into the old ballast after the fluorescent tube has been replaced, while the Bypass Ballast T5 does not require a ballast at all. Euri Lighting now carries both the protosaber T5 and lightsaber T5 for the Jedi who need installation options.

Euri Lighting’s New T5s

  • 25 Watt & 28 Watt

  • 3500 Lumens

  • 50,000 Hour Lifespan

  • DLC & UL Rated

  • Bright White (4000K) & Cool White (5000K)

With exceptional light distribution, optimal energy efficiency and convenient installation options, Euri Lighting’s protosaber T5 and lightsaber T5 are guaranteed to light up the galaxy.

For more information on our brand new T5s email info@eurilighting.com. Make sure to subscribe to the Euri Lighting blog to be the first to hear about all of our new products! May the Fourth be with you.

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