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New Premium LED PAR Lamps

Euri Lighting’s E-Lite Line is backed with all of the features and certifications you want and need in a light bulb. A popular player in the premium line is the PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector). These PARs (along with all other E-Lite products) offer:

  • 90+ CRI

  • 25,000 Hours of Life

  • All-Around Certifications

  • Dimming Options

But what do these features really mean? And why do we need these features for PARs? Let’s break it down.

LED PAR light bulbs are built to focus on and illuminate the specifics. With most PARs maintaining a 40° beam angle, they shine a seamless spotlight on the area in mind. Meant for pendant lighting, recessed lighting, and tracking lighting, these flood lights are applicable for a number of spaces spanning from residential to commercial.

For Your Home and Office:

Save over 80% more energy by replacing the fluorescent bulbs in your home and office with LED bulbs. Every E-Lite Line bulb is California Energy Commission Complaint, Energy Star Certified, and JA8 Compliant for their effective energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. Read more on certifications here. In addition to being all-around certified, these bulbs guarantee 25,000 hours of life, ensuring you save on energy and maintenance costs, while reducing your carbon footprint.

For Your Business:

PARs are built with the task to illuminate a specific target, and with 90+ CRI (color rendering index), these flood lights display natural and true colors without any changes or effects. CRI rates on a scale of 0-100 how well a light source accurately displays colors, the higher the rating, the better true colors are being seen. 90+ CRI paired with track lighting makes for perfect illumination within retail stores. Track lighting is a row of light fixtures attached on a continuous track device, allowing each bulb to spotlight their specific target. Align each E-Lite PAR on a track device to illuminate and display products’ true and natural colors.

Euri Lighting’s E-Lite Line has been popular and favored for each product’s convenient features, long lifespan, and energy efficiency. Every E-Lite Line LED bulb was only made available in Soft White (3000K), until now.

PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 bulbs with all of the E-Lite features are now available in luminous Warm White (2700K)!

Read here for a guide on choosing the color temperature that best suites you.

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