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Euri History: The A19

Euri Lighting says goodbye to the light bulb that started it all.

Let’s travel back: It’s 2015 and Euri Lighting is just a six-person operation. Filling their spot in the industry and starting off strong, Euri produces their first ever A19.

A corner stone to the emerging product line, this A19 came to the company suddenly and in large quantity. These A-shape LED light bulbs were high-performing and innovative for their time, a time when LED technology was just beginning to gain speed.

The small warehouse filled with new product, Euri Lighting’s only salesman began working at getting these bulbs in the market and on the shelves.

Skip forward: It’s 2016 and the growing company now carries many different LED light bulbs with popular new features spanning over residential and commercial applications. In the mix, still sits the first A19, but now with only half the stock remaining. Euri’s solo salesman brings in more help and builds a sales team, continuing the momentum to stock shelves with industry-leading, energy efficient products.

Skip to now: Euri Lighting has over eighteen product lines, each line carrying diverse LED light bulbs designed for different applications and purposes — the A Series alone carrying over thirty different bulbs! Although up against younger products, Euri’s first A19 sells out and leaves company doors for the last time.

The growing company says goodbye to the light bulb that started it all, but when one door closes, another opens.

Introducing: Euri Lighting’s
new cost-effective A19s!

Grounded on innovation and customer service, Euri Lighting constantly strives towards progress — and the proof is in the products. The difference between the first A19 and the new A19s:

1) More Energy Savings:

The first ever A19 was 12-Watts, equivalent to a 60-Watt incandescent light bulb. The new A19s are 9-Watts, equivalent to a 60-Watt incandescent light bulb — that’s a 5% increase in energy savings for a total of 85% energy saved compared to traditional lighting!

2) More Color Temperatures:

The first ever A19 was only available in neutral Soft White (3000K). The new A19s offer five varying color temperatures to suit any room’s mood: Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), Cool White (5000K), and Daylight White (6500K). Not sure on the difference between these color options? Read here for a guide!

3) New Sleek Design:

The first ever A19 was built with finned heat sinks to help provide more surfaces for heat to transfer from. The new A19s are built without fins and with a sleek and clean shatter-proof design.


Euri Lighting LED technology continues to advance and doesn’t fail. Whether you are illuminating your home and office with our first A19 or our newest A19, that bulb will reduce your carbon footprint, decrease your electricity bill, and stay bright for years.

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