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New Year, New Bulbs: JA8 Certified

Euri Lighting has a New Year’s Resolution for you: Save More Energy!

y switching out your incandescent and fluorescent bulbs for LED bulbs, you’ll save money on electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and forget about having to replace that bulb again – definitely the easiest resolution to cross off your list for 2018.

For California residents, this switch has now become inevitable. The California Energy Commission (CEC) created and continues to update the Joint Appendix 8 (JA8), and included in these specifications is Title 20 Tier 1. Mandatory as of January 1st, 2018, these statewide quality LED lamp specifications support the CEC’s ongoing efforts to reduce energy costs and environmental impacts – and their efforts are starting to show results:

The U.S. Department of Energy predicts that nationwide LED efficacy will save 5.1 quads of energy annually by 2035, cutting business and homeowner electricity bills by $50 billion a year and enhancing energy security. They say, “To date, our nation has realized only a fraction of the potential energy savings possible from LED lighting.” This crucial savings not yet being realized is proven in the statistics given by the U.S. Energy Information Administration: as of May 2017, 71% of American households claim to not have any LED bulbs in their home and only 27% of households claim to have some LED bulbs in their home.

That 1% of the nation using only LED bulbs is the leader we need to follow if we want to cross off that 2018 resolution.

Title 20 Tier 1 sets the standard for only the best performing LED bulbs to be on the shelves: bulbs must guarantee at least 10,000 hours of life, with color temperatures between 2700K and 7000K, at least 82 CRI, 68 lumens per watt, 10% less dimming level, and less than a .5 second start time.

Basically, these LED bulbs do it all, giving California consumers the best bright for their buck!

Not a worry for Euri Lighting, our innovative and advanced E-Lite Line adheres to all JA8 requirements. Whether you are illuminating your home or office, it’s time to change out those harmful, inefficient incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with E-Lite LED bulbs. Here’s a few from the lineup:

· A19 for any lamp in the house

· BR20 for all those kitchens recessed cans

· PAR38 for hallway illumination

All of the E-Lite line LED bulbs are available in neutral Soft White (3000K) and conveniently come in a twin-pack — double the energy savings!

On January 1st, 2018, California homes watched the ball, energy usage, and electricity bills drop — hopefully encouraging other states to follow the lead.

Cross off your 2018 resolutions and have an energy efficient year with Euri Lighting.

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